Like many of the other towns and cities on the Moonsea, Hillsfar has seen its share of warfare and turmoil. Hostilities with the elves of Cormanthor, with Zhentil Keep, with the Shadovar, and with their own morally questionable leadership have plagued Hillsfar for more than a century.
For the first time in a long time, the people of Hillsfar can look outside their walls and not see a dire threat looming at their gates. Or at least, none that are obvious.
Rampant xenophobia, steeped in years of misdirected fear and outrage, have led to not just a citizenry distrustful of any non-humans, but also to a series of laws outright forbidding anyone other than humans to become citizens of Hillsfar. The laws of the government and the attitudes of the human citizens mean that the only non-humans allowed into the city are slaves, most of whom fight for their lives at the Arena-to the delighted jeers of the human populace.
The outskirts and rural lands around Hillsfar, because of these laws, are littered with non-human refugees, many who lost everything when they were evicted from their homes and businesses within the city. Some of these refugees plot against the authorities of their former home, but most simply try to survive through commerce, farming, or other legal (or illegal) pursuits.
When rumors of strange happenings around Hillsfar reached the ears of the five factions, representatives of each established camps near the village of Elventree. From these bases, the factions send out agents to investigate these strange tales, hoping to prevent any major calamities-or profit from them.


Please make a level 1 character using the point buying system and any of the rules in the players handbook and submit it to As soon as I have everyone’s character we can find a good day and get the game started.

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